/ Newsroom / Students in Georgia perform better than the nation on the ACT.

Students in Georgia perform better than the nation on the ACT.

Georgia students out-performed the nation on the ACT in 2019 for the fourth consecutive year.

One of the many reasons that Georgia is the number one state for business is the homegrown workforce it creates and retains. Test scores are one of the larger indicators of aptitude and student performance that colleges and their eventual employers look at. The ACT regularly does research into its scores each year and provides that data free to the public. The scores for each state are broken down in individual documents and other relevant statistical information can also be found there.

Some of the highlights for our state include:

  • An average composite score of 21.4 compared the the national average of 20.7
  • 52% of students were proficient or above proficient in understanding complex texts
  • 53% of students indicated having interest in STEM majors or careers
  • 72% of students indicated they had taken physics in high school. 23% of students who did not take physics met the benchmarks for science compared to 44% of those who did.

While some of these numbers or increases seem small, it is important to note that Georgia had over 100,000 students take the ACT in 2019 alone. Our composite score may seem only marginally better than the national average, but the ACT researchers suggest that with just a 0.1 increase in the average score of Georgian test-takers the following could happen:

  • 124 more students enrolling in college
  • 141 more students making it to the second year of college
  • 102 fewer students needing remedial English
  • 171 fewer students needing remedial math
  • 154 more students making it to the fourth year of college
  • 165 more students earning a post-secondary degree within 6 years


For a more detailed breakdown of our scores and what they mean and a dive into the demographics of our students, read the full article below.